This is Ahmed Abdulla, a Hypnotherapist, Life coach and Founder.  I have, so far, 8 years of experience in healing with various methods: Hypnosis, Pendulum, Prana, NLP, Timeline, Reiki, Vision energy, and others. My passion is to provide people with ways in order to have a better future, to help them face their psychological problems and facts, to eliminate their pains of bad experiences and many other message. Briefly, I believe in HUMANITY and I ENJOY MY WORK. At the end of 2018, I have decided to create for several goals: 
  • to write free advice in different social problems.
  • to provide ONLINE and one-to-one sessions.
  • to welcome any B2B or B2C cooperation within energy healing.
Thanks a lot hoping you feel and enjoy peace across Nafsico.
Ahmed Abdulla
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Our mission

What you need to know that your happiness exists within YOU. This idea is your secret key to get a relaxed and peaceful mind. Nafsico is aimed at helping you into discover your depth in order for living a peaceful and happy life. This is simply our mission :)


.السعادة الحقيقية ليست بعيدة عنك بل هي داخلك وهي مفتاح الراحة والسلام الداخلي نفسيكو يقدم لك كيف تكتشف ذاتك وتعيشها براحة بال وسلام وسعادة.
تلك هي رسالتنا لكم :)